Kooiman Marine Completes Vessel Conversion For Van Stee

Dutch shipbuilding group Kooiman Marine has completed the conversion of Van Stee Offshore’s new Multi-Purpose DP-2 Support Vessel Zwerver I.

Kooiman Marine said Wednesday that the final work on the vessel has been completed and the “Zwerver I” is ready to be deployed. 

After having already designed and built three vessels for Van Stee offshore, former HvS Dredging Support, this is the first vessel conversion that Kooiman Marine Group has realized for Van Stee.

The average bollard pull of the “Zwerver I’’ consists of 66T with a maximum value of 69T. The ship is equipped with 8 thrusters, 2 spud poles (Ø 1500 mm), a 4/5-point mooring system with an anchor line capacity of 1400 m and accommodation for 58 people, including crew. 

According to Kooiman, the multi-purpose support vessel is suitable for carrying out work such as laying and repairing cables, maintenance work, ROV support, and UXO clearance.

Arjan van Stee, owner of Van Stee Offshore said: “Ten months ago we commissioned Kooiman Marine Group to convert the work vessel Anna-B in accordance with our ideas and wishes. In fact, only the hull remained intact and roughly 99% of the ship has been completely renovated.” 

“During DP trials and commissioning, the ship has demonstrated its capability with great results in a wide variety of configurations. We are therefore proud to expand our fleet with the “Zwerver I”, both in capacity and in possibilities.”

“The total conversion this vessel, with the requirements of Van Stee Offshore in mind, was quite a challenge”, Arjan van der Zegen de Beer, Operational Director Scheepswerf Gebr. Kooiman, adds. “Because both the engineering and the conversion took place on our own shipyards in Zwijndrecht and Dordrecht, we were able to work fast and efficient. Due to that, we have been able to create yet another unique Multi-Purpose Support Vessel”.


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