‘Microgrid In A Box’ Promises To Help

As the maritime industry searches for the means to meet ever tightening emission regulations, battery power sits at the center of future paths to decarbonization. Sterling PBES launched CanPower, an all-encompassing ESS microgrid. The CanPower ‘Microgrid in a Box’ promises to add energy storage to virtually any vessel, without the need for complex design and build times.

According to Sterline PBES, two of the main hurdles facing shipowners wishing to install ESS’ are the physical footprints of the systems and the complexity of the installation. The CanPower microgrid system aims to solve both concerns by using a self-contained unit, designed to easily and inexpensively be located on the top deck or other exterior location of any vessel, alongside intelligent design to streamline installations. CanPower is designed to be used for newbuilds and retrofits.

To aid installation all power electronics are enclosed, and fire fighting, ventilation, insulation, and cooling systems, all encompassed in an IP65, ISO rated steel standard container.  It does not require any additional infrastructure and is delivered ready to install on any application.  The turnkey system allows connection to the vessel’s electrical grid via a fixed connection or a plug-in. Using Sterling PBES’ new C-Max connector system, the battery can be charged in as little as six minutes, depending on available shore power.

“Sterling PBES has always approached the industry as developers of total system solutions- innovating the path forward to meet the commercial needs of the maritime industry,” said Brent Perry, CEO, Sterling PBES.

CanPower leverages its containerized design to function as flexibly as possible. With HotSwap owners are able to use the system as a cartridge battery; the system can be set up to be removed and replaced in minutes using a standard shore crane system. The system can then be charged onshore, or re-purposed to another vessel, used as shore power, or to provide auxiliary power to other heavy equipment on the dock.
The system also uses Sterling PBES’ CellCool system to deliver an additional layer of safety and long-term cost efficiency. This liquid cooling system keeps the entirety of the ESS and its cells cool in the most extreme heat and use scenarios, and has been validated to prevent thermal runaway.

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